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In this short 3 minute video, learn more about the Carlsbad Ed Foundation, what we fund for our 11,000 local students, and how we raise support for excellence in public education...right here in Carlsbad, CA.


Do you know about Kids' Care?

Looking for an after school program? Check out Kids' Care, an on-site program focused on providing educational and FUN activities for your kids!

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CEO Perspectives Blog

  • Unveiling CEF’s New Logo

    CEF is proud to share our new logo for the first time in our upcoming annual report.  Reflecting a clear tie to our recent logo which was produced around 1997, the new logo carries forward the theme of striving for excellence while … Continue reading

  • Community Support Makes It All Possible!

    With Thanksgiving just behind us, CEF has launched its annual fund drive to the Carlsbad community.  While this may seem like a simple accomplishment to folks outside of the non-profit organization, the many staff and board members involved in creating, … Continue reading

  • CEF Celebrates 30 Years in Carlsbad!

    On behalf of the board and staff of the Carlsbad Educational Foundation (CEF), we are pleased to announce that 2013 represents the 30th anniversary of our founding in Carlsbad! The Carlsbad Educational Foundation is a local non-profit serving the Carlsbad … Continue reading