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SAT Test Prep for Carlsbad Students

SAT Test Prep for Carlsbad Students


Dear Parents of CHS Sophomores & Juniors,

Beginning this year, the Carlsbad Educational Foundation is partnering with "It's Academic SAT Academy” to provide SAT Prep courses throughout the year in advance of each SAT test date.

These courses were offered last summer as part of the CEF Summer Academy and were well-received by both students and parents. Please consider taking this opportunity to prepare your son or daughter to do their best on the SAT.

If your high school-age students are planning to go to college when they graduate, the following dates may be of interest to you.

Application deadlines are as early as November of the senior year, with some stretching as late as February. In order to be best prepared to meet those deadlines, the SATs must be taken by the spring of the junior year (June 2nd is the last test date for the school year). If, like many parents, you wish to have time for your son or daughter to take the test a second time during their junior year, the first test must be taken by January 28th or March 10th in order to have a chance to take the second test before applications start to become due. Many students improve their score the second time around.

It's Academic SAT Academy is a proud supporter of CEF and is pleased to provide these high-quality SAT Prep courses to local students while making a donation to CEF for each Carlsbad student who attends. It's a great partnership!

Call us today to register at 760-761-3692 or visit us online at Our next course starts on January 29th!

Providing Much-Needed Leadership

Providing Much-Needed Leadership

"CUSD and Carlsbad residents are truly fortunate to have the Carlsbad Educational Foundation on their side. Under savvy leadership, the foundation has found its true purpose."

Kym Szalkiewicz, President of the North Coastal PTA, San Diego County

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