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A Convergence of Community Support

There are times during the year where our work at the Carlsbad Ed Foundation is very focused with our heads down working on a range of specific tasks.  Things like launching a summer program, evaluating grants, or creating an annual report.

There are other times…like the last two weeks…where nearly all of our work involves the community mobilizing towards great things.  The convergence of “Celebrate Carlsbad Day” at LEGOLAND and the inaugural “I (Heart) Carlsbad Schools” Week was certainly one of these times!

The staff here at CEF is still overwhelmed (in a good way!) with gratitude for all of the wonderful people who have stepped forward, rolled up their sleeves, and dug in to achieve important things for our 11,000 local students.

…the thousands of guests at LEGOLAND who came to enjoy the park on April 28th while supporting the importance of public education.

…the hundreds of local students who performed at the park, sharing their musical talents with all of us.

…the dozens of community leaders, elected officials, donors, and friends who helped us kick off the event at Miniland.

…and the handful of incredibly generous sponsors who help us to fund great programs for kids through the school year.

“Celebrate Carlsbad Day” is truly a celebration of what it is to live, work, and learn here in our local community.  It also served as the very first day of a new venture between CEF, the Parent and Community Budget Task Force, and over 50 local vendors who chose to give back to education through a week-long period of donating a portion of their proceeds.

This “I (Heart) Carlsbad Schools” promotion was a grand experiment of sorts.  It took the concept of a restaurant give-back night for an individual school and turned it into a true community-wide event.  More than 50 restaurants, retail establishments, insurance offices, mortgage brokers, and others pledged anywhere from 5 – 50% of their proceeds for anytime between one day and eight months in support of local, high-quality public education.

It took a small army of dedicated volunteers to recruit all of these vendors, but they did an outstanding job.  The vendors stepped forward with enthusiasm, and then the public followed suit…shopping and dining from April 28th through May 6th (and beyond in some cases) in order to help generate financial support for our students.

My thanks to everyone who donated, attended, performed and/or volunteered during this exceptional time.  You’ve all made a tremendous difference and we couldn’t have done it without you.  The Carlsbad community is truly special and we are very grateful for everyone’s generosity and support!