Grant Writing Collaborative




The Grant-Writing Collaborative (GWC) is a group of dedicated community and parent volunteers (called GWC Liaisons) who represent their school sites within the CUSD.

The GWC addresses the educational needs of CUSD students by researching and applying for grants to support school-specific needs and learning opportunities. No previous grant-writing experience is needed!

When you join the GWC and become a Liaison for your school site, you will:

  • Attend a formal orientation to the GWC;
  • Learn about grant opportunities through monthly meetings and electronic updates;
  • Receive basic grant-writing training and information on grant-writing resources; and
  • Meet and collaborate with other GWC volunteers to draft and submit grant applications and proposals.

As a GWC Liaison, you will also:

  • Improve your writing skills;
  • Help create and implement educational programs that may continue for many years;
  • Directly impact the education your child receives at his/her school site; and
  • Receive the satisfaction of knowing you helped improve the education delivered to many CUSD students!

Read the CEF Grant Writing Collaborative Fact Sheet

We hope you will join the Grant Writing Collaborative as they seek to ensure that our children receive the very best educational opportunities.

To learn more, please contact the GWC via e-mail at