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CEF Student Interview with Talia Cain

Talia Cain is a talented actress, performer, and writer who found success on the stage and in academics. From weekly CEF music lessons, to the lead in the Spring Musical, to the Big Apple—we caught up with Talia to find out more about her CEF journey, and how she developed her passion in theater:

Name: Talia Cain
Age: 18
School: Carlsbad High School
College: New York University
Major: Dramatic Literature

Q&A with Talia:

How did you first get involved in Theatre and Music and how has it impacted you? 

I was exposed to music in elementary school with weekly CEF music class and took piano lessons. It was at Aviara Oaks middle school that I first gained an interest in theater. Ms. Emmert introduced me to theater during her exploratory wheel drama class. Her enthusiasm and passion for the subject got me excited about drama and I started auditioning for Community Theater productions and taking vocal lessons. In high school, Ms. Hall developed my theater skills and I discovered it was truly my passion so I joined drama club and improve club while taking her class. What theater can for you vocally and personally is truly an amazing thing.

Is there anything/anyone that inspired you to embark on your own career?

Many of my high school teachers were very influential in shaping my aspirations. Mr. Spanier—my English teacher, Ms. Ryan—my journalism teacher, and Ms. Hall—my drama teacher all fueled my passion in the arts. Each of them developed my writing and theater skills and got me thinking about what direction to go in for college.

Could you tell us about landing the lead in the CHS musical?

I played Molly Jensen in the CHS Spring Musical, Ghost. I still remember the day I got the part, and how excited I was. The high-school musical was honestly one of my favorite and most memorable experiences of high school. The people in my theater group were some of my closest friends and it gave me something amazing to look forward to each day.

What is it like to be a freshman at NYU and what are you studying?

At NYU you are learning just as much in your walks to campus as you are in school. The city is a very unique place to learn but is very different from our little tight-knit community of Carlsbad.

I think coming from a strong community gave me my confidence to start my adventure at NYU in a big city. All the educational opportunities CEF has provided me and the quality of education helped me get to where I am today. Right now I am majoring in Dramatic Literature.