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After-School Enrichment


On-site, after-school enrichment classes are offered to every Carlsbad elementary student!

Inspire a passion for STEAM and innovation in an experience that supplements what your student learns in school! Classes are taught by credentialed teachers and specialists who help extend students learning beyond the classroom.

Session III Course Offerings:

Session III classes at Poinsettia Elementary begin the week of Monday, Jan. 6, and end Wednesday, Feb. 19.

(Berlitz Spanish is the only exception. It is a full-year program.)

Awesome Art!

Design, draw, paint, mold, and create works of art inspired by famous artists, animals, nature, and culture.

Animal Architects with LEGOs

Play, create, and learn in a world inspired by the animal kingdom. Design and build with LEGOs and let your imagination run wild!

Drawing & Cartooning

Bring cartoon characters to life! Learn to draw familiar faces, bodies in proportion, and characters in motion. Create your own character and design a comic or painting.

Creative Builders - STEM I

A hands-on, tech class to build, create, and engineer! Explore concepts in STEM while designing and experimenting tech projects.

Painting Party - Animals

Paint a variety of animals each week with Art4U painting studio! Learn basic painting techniques of texture, contrast, color theory, reflections and shadows.

Superhero Engineering with LEGOs

Save the world! Build the hideouts and vehicles of your favorite caped crusaders and learn what makes them not only Superheroes, but Superhero Engineers! Design, build, and save a city with ingenuity and imagination.