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Interview with CEF Student Sophia Marks

“I found my passion in music, thanks to the Carlsbad Educational Foundation.”

Sophia Marks is a talented CEF student and vocalist that found her passion for music through the Carlsbad Educational Foundation. We caught up with Sophia to talk about her road to musical success:

CEF Student Profile
Name: Sophia Marks
Age: 16
School: Carlsbad High School

Tell us about yourself:
I am sixteen years old and have lived in Carlsbad all my life. I went to Jefferson Elementary School, then Valley Middle School, and I am currently a junior at Carlsbad High School. I have been in choir for 6+ years and have been dancing for 12.

How did you first get involved in music, and when did you know that it was your passion?
I first got involved with music at Jefferson Elementary. I started choir in 3rd grade and joined guitar club in 5th grade. I think music has always been a big part in my life, I saw my first Broadway show when I was three (Beauty and the Beast) and knew every word to the soundtrack of Wicked by the time I was six. In Showstoppers at VMS, I really realized how important performing was to me.

How has the CEF music opportunities impacted you?
The CEF music opportunities have greatly impacted my life. I truly don’t think I would be who I am today if I hadn’t gotten involved with the arts.

SoundExpress-winning-first-placeThe Sound Express group after they won 1st place at the Bonita Vista competition last year.

You are a very talented performer, could you tell me a little about your experience as a CHS choir member?
I love choir! Having been a member of both Encore and Sound Express has changed my life. It’s taught me to manage my time a lot better when it comes to balancing schoolwork and rehearsals. It has also helped me gain confidence and courage. Most importantly, the people in choir have changed my life. They are my best friends and my family. We are always there for each other no matter what.

What are your dreams and aspirations for after high school?
After high school, I hope to move to the east coast for college to major in musical theater and minor in journalism.