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Intro to Student Voice Blog Series

We’re pleased to introduce the Carlsbad Educational Foundation’s Student Voice blog, where we’ll share personal stories and insights from members of CEF’s Student Leadership Council. The vision for the council is to inspire tomorrow’s leaders by helping today’s students ignite their passions, find their voice and unlock their potential to make a difference.

Our students have interesting points of view and will provide perspectives on CEF’s continued investments in developing and funding impactful science, music and innovative educational programs. Kicking off the series is a post on the recent district-wide orchestra concert held at Carlsbad High School.

Student Leadership Council members Shayda Moezzi and Jenny Tucker attended the concert and spoke with students and teachers about the importance of music education. In doing so, they also gained first-hand appreciation for CEF’s continued support of K-12 music programs.


Carlsbad Turns up the Volume at 4th Annual District Orchestra Concert 

On January 16th, 150 orchestra students from Valley, Aviara Oaks and Calavera middle schools joined members of the Sage Creek and Carlsbad High School orchestras for the 4th annual district concert at Carlsbad High School. Following a mass rehearsal, students mingled and munched on pizza, while music mentors encouraged younger students to continue their musical pursuits in high school.

Before the concert, we spoke with students to get a better feel for how music benefits them directly. Students from Valley told us music opens their minds, helps them meet new people and provides creative ways to express themselves. For CHS sophomore, Ella Carlos, being part of the chamber orchestra gives her a sense of community, taking her to a place outside of where her other studies can take her.

Meanwhile, Kirsten Steele, a junior at Sage Creek High School, described how performing in an orchestra makes her feel part of a united team that works together to create something beautiful. As the students chatted and ate before the concert, it was clear performing together resulted in a shared sense of pride and accomplishment. According to Carlsbad High junior Ethan Meade, bassist in the chamber orchestra and a fellow CEF Student Leadership Council member, music gives students a foundation for the future.

Jessica Allen, orchestra director at CHS, echoed that point when she told the assembly of students, teachers, families and friends about a Google survey that revealed the importance of “soft skills.” As students, we’re often told that mastering STEM subjects—science, technology, engineering and math—will be critical to our career success. But, the Google survey told a different story: The top characteristics of success at Google aren’t the classic STEM “hard skills.” Instead, they are communications, coaching, listening, problem solving and other skills that come from creative endeavors, including music

Luckily, CEF invests in funding for both STEM and music educational programs, so students in the Carlsbad Unified School District get the best of both worlds! For Amanda Boer, orchestra director at Valley, the impact of music education extends beyond the concert hall as she sees her musicians become outstanding, well-rounded students in all areas. In addition to a sense of belonging, Mrs. Boer believes music students are encouraged to leave their comfort zones and try new things. Marina Hall, orchestra director at Aviara Oaks, agrees that being part of an orchestra fosters key lifelong skills, including leadership and collaboration.

Seeing all the musicians come together in one massive ensemble was inspiring. Not only did the musicians personify the “unified” in CUSD, the songs they played together so well truly were beautiful music to our ears


Thank you, CEF!

Shayda and Jenny