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Kids’ Care for Working Families

September 25, 2012

While grant-making to our 13 public schools is our primary purpose as an education foundation, when back-to-school hits each August, ramping up our Kids’ Care program is a huge undertaking.

By far, Kids’ Care is our largest endeavor each year.  As a foundation-run, state-licensed child care and enrichment program, Kids’ Care typically serves nearly 700 students each day between late-August and mid-June.  And for many working families, it’s a critical service.

The program operates from 7 am to 6:25 pm during every school day and many of the school holidays.  And because the program takes place at each of our K-5 elementary schools in classrooms rented by the ed foundation, it couldn’t be more convenient for parents coming and going from each campus every day.

Nine site directors manage the day-to-day logistics and staffing for each site and ensure high-quality care and enrichment.  They also make sure we always adhere to a low student to teacher ratio of no more than 14:1.  With nearly 40% of our students enrolled in the district’s half-day kinder program, adding a half-day of Kids’ Care really allows for a full day of education and enrichment.  We’re proud to offer this service in our community!

I’m also constantly amazed by how talented many of our site directors are in coordinating enrichment activities.  From art to music, drama to sports, each site director is given the freedom to apply their special skills and interests to a core program shared across all sites.

Jose De Anda, a retired principal from Buena Vista Elementary, serves as our district-wide Director of Kids’ Care.  He ensures the overall quality of the program, manages the Site Directors, oversees program expenses, and conducts an annual program evaluation.  Having just reviewed the 2011 – 2012 evaluation results from nearly 250 parents, I can see that families continue to find the program a good value with a caring staff.  Many of our satisfaction results trend over 90% each year.

As of this writing, we’ve been able to get families into the program at 8 of our 9 sites—with a wait-list pending only at Pacific Rim Elementary.

We’ve also agreed to work closely with families and CUSD to provide a safe and enriching environment during the new furlough days set for October 8th, February 14th, and May 24th.  Kids’ Care will be open at 2 to 3 sites on each furlough day to assist families with their options for care.

Find out more today about the program by visiting the Kids’ Care portion of our website or calling us at (760) 929-1555.