Student Scholarships

CEF Student Scholarships


The Carlsbad Educational Foundation provides ten $1,000 scholarships to high school seniors in the Carlsbad Unified School District who are pursuing the study STEM, Music or innovation. Two of the scholarships, sponsored by ViaSat, will be awarded specifically to students who have participated in Science Olympiad.

Coming Soon! The 2019 Scholarship Application Form will be online on Wednesday, January 30.

Applications must be submitted by Friday, April 12, to be considered for an award.

2016-17 Scholars

Brandon Blackmon, Music Technology 

The Choir Program at CHS has impacted Brandon’s life and made him who he is today. This CEF program gave him a platform to discover and improve his talents. The community, Sound Express, and the choir program gave him the chance to test out his dream job. Brandon would like to thank Mr.B, his choir teacher, for greatly impacting his high school life. He is also inspired by his mom, who has had his back since day one. Brandon will be attending Miracosta College studying Music Technology and in the future, he plans go where the wind takes him.





Ethan Brandt, Aerospace Engineering

FIRST Robotics teams and the elementary music programs through CEF have impacted Ethan’s life by introducing him to the wonders of music and inspired him to choose a STEM career path. Ethan will major in Aerospace Engineering at UCLA and hopes to advance the space-faring capabilities of humanity in his studies. He is inspired by Elon Musk because proved that it is truly possible for one determined individual to make a difference in the future of the human race.   





Karen Cavicchio, Computer Science and Engineering

CEF programs such as Robotics, Kids’ Care and K-5 Music, have largely shaped Karen’s life. CEF-funded K-5 Music is why Karen began playing violin and the CEF Robotics program enabled Karen to pursue her greatest passion and begin programming. She is inspired by her grandmother, her greatest female role mode, and by Mrs. King, who started the all-girls robotics team. Karen is excited to attend UCLS and study Computer Science and Engineering-hopefully she will become an inventor! 





Hannah Lichtenberger, Biology 

Project Lead the Way-Biomedical Sciences helped shape Hannah’s future and find her passion for the field of biology. Her experience in exploring and conducting biomedical research in the CEF-funded program have led her to attend UC Davis and major in Biology. Hannah is inspired by her teachers Mrs. Meyers and Mrs. Park because they helped stir her passion for biology and encouraged her to go into a field where she can positively impact others. Hannah is excited about life in college and hopes to fins a career in either biomedical research or biotechnology.





Taylor Moseley, Biology 

Biomedical electives and orchestra are the two CEF-funded programs that have impacted Taylor Moseley’s life. Biomedical electives helped foster her passion for medicine and orchestra strengthened her skills necessary for the medical field such as: focus, energy, practice and passion. Taylor is inspired by her mother and Condeleezza Rice, who are both inspirational African American women, that have proved hard work and ambition can lead to success. Taylor is attending UCLA in the fall and is excited to study Biology. After college, she plans on becoming a pediatrician!





Anna Perhach, Pre-Medicine and Economics 

From Science Olympiad to Kids’ Care, to Biomed, Anna’s life has been impacted by several CEF programs. Kids’ Care gave Anna childhood role models and Science Olympiad helped her find her passion for science! Her Science Olympiad coaches Nandan and Mr. Fieberg, as well as CEF as an organization, inspired her to pursue a career in the medical field. Anna will be attending UC Berkeley in the fall, to study Pre-Med and Economics. She hopes to eventually become a pathologist or hospital administrator. 





Jeffrey Sardina, Biochemistry and Cell Biology 

The FIRST TECH Challenge Robotics program has impacted Jeffrey by teaching him how to creatively approach problems and to work alongside others. One of Jeffrey’s longest held inspirations is Hannibal Barca of Carthage who said, “I will either find a way, or make one.” Hannibal Barca inspires Jeffrey to dedicate himself to everything he does. He chose to attend UCSD because of their strength in molecular biology, and after college he hopes to study for a Ph. D in molecular biology and to then enter into laboratory research of cancer.





Alex Tuchler, Computer Engineering

FIRST TECH Challenge Robotics greatly impacted Alex’s life. Robotics inspired him to pursue his interest in Computer Engineering at Columbia University. Alex’s mother has inspired him through her hard work to ensure he has a better life and chance at success. He is excited about the amazing research program at Columbia and plans on attending graduate school for Computer Science in the future. 





Maisha Zaman, Mechanical Engineering

Science Olympiad hugely impacted Maisha’s life. She values her experience in Science Olympiad because since sixth grade, she’s been able to explore the different fields of STEM and had the opportunity to meet many coaches and partners. Maisha’s oldest cousin is her inspiration because she always puts forth 100-percent in everything she does, despite the hardships. Maisha chose to attend Cal Poly San Luis Obispo because she wants to pursue work in the biomedical field. After college, she plans to find work in the biomedical industry, so she can use her skills to help others ailing from certain medical conditions.